Texas A&M University-Commerce Driver Certification

Driver Guidelines

All Texas A&M University-Commerce employees, student workers, etc., who may be required to drive a University vehicle, must be on the University payroll and have a Motor Vehicle Records  (MVR) check and shall be assigned a driver rating. With an acceptable rating, an applicant’s name & driver’s license number shall be added to the approved driver’s list. If the applicant does not have a Texas Drivers License, then they will have to obtain a MVR check from their home state and provide Fleet Management with an original report.  The Fleet Management office obtains the MVR and maintains the list of approved drivers. Fleet Management personnel shall provide the names of the approved drivers to the Motor Pool Coordinator. Persons who drive 10 passenger vans must be 21 years of age, have attended a van safety orientation, and have performed successfully on a test drive within the last 3 years.  TAMU System requires that University approved drivers have a MVR report done every 3 years.  The test drive shall be with an orientation supervisor in a 10 passenger van. The supervisor may reject the applicant if he/she cannot demonstrate safe operation of the vehicle. The applicant must acknowledge (with signature) that he/she was informed of the risk of rollover crashes in 15-passenger vans and the Student Travel Rule 13.0499.R1 and Policy 13.04.


Applications to operate a Texas A&M Commerce vehicle should include the following: Department Account #, Dept. Supervisor Name, Dept. Phone No, Driver Name, (last, first, middle), Driver License Number and Date of Birth. 
Approval time, approximately one day.

There will be a $ 11.00 charge to your account per applicant.
Departments must supply an account number below.

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